Important Facts About Dominican Amber

1. The Dominican Republic is one of the world’s main sources of amber.  Authentic Dominican amber comes from the Hymenaea Protera tree that became extinct around 25 million years ago.

2. A blue-colored amber known as Blue amber is found only in the Dominican Republic. This rare type of amber has a unique blue tinge to it caused by a fluorescence effect that when observed directly through a strong light it will have a more typical orange-yellow color.  

3. Amber with clearer transparency is more valuable than cloudy specimens. In general, Dominican Amber is usually more transparent than any other Amber, this is because the Dominican resin was very fluid and transparent when it was formed. Therefore, all amber stones coming from the Dominican Republic are naturally clear.

4. Dominican Amber inclusions are usually of insects or plants, with the most well-known being mosquitoes. Amber with well-preserved organisms frozen internally is highly valued.

5. The amber coming from Santo Domingo has recently been marketed all over the world because of its beautiful features and attractive range of colors, making the employment of the Dominican amber in jewelry very versatile and congenial, adding special, inimitable value to the jewels produced.