Cleaning and Care

Amber needs to be cleaned frequently so that it continues to shine. An effective way to do this is to damp a clean cloth (preferably microfiber or fannel) in lukewarm water and soap and then wipe your jewelry. After this, with a clean dry cloth wipe your Amber to dry. Please do not leave the Amber to dry by itself as you risk it turning cloudy. If you have a polishing cloth you can also use it to polish Amber as well.

Larimar is pretty easy to clean. A clean dry cloth or a polishing cloth would do an effective job. However, please keep in mind that if a deep clean is needed, a damp clean cloth with water followed by a dry wipe to remove any residue would suffice.
 Things to remember about these beautiful gemstones:
  • DON'T expose these gemstones to direct sunlight. Sunlight may cause discoloration of the Larimar and may be harsh to the Amber components.
  • DON'T apply perfumes or sprays directly to the stone. This will help minimize dullness and tarnishing of the sterling silver.
  • DON'T expose these gemstones to extreme temperature. Harsh temperature can damage the compositions of both stones.
  • DON'T store your Stones with other jewelry pieces. This would help you prevent undesired scratches and fractures, If possible, store your jewelry in a ziplock bag or a lined fabric linen box. 
  • DON'T use ultrasonic jewelry cleaners or steam baths to clean your jewelry. You may take the risk to damage these stones with the heat and vibrations, especially the Amber which is more delicate.
  • DON'T cook or clean while wearing your jewelry. This would help you avoid you coming into contact with heat or chemicals that can corrode the surface of your stone.